Toilet Repairs

We are blocked toilet experts. If the blockage is confined to the toilet we can actually clear it without having to use the big drain clearing machines. Usually you will know if this is the case as the toilet level will rise up in the bowl and look like it may even overflow. If no other drains are blocked you can be confident the blockage is just in the toilet. Sometimes its just a case of someone using too much toilet paper and clogging the S bend. If this is the case it’s a quick fix by us.

If the toilet isn’t working properly it can be very frustrating.

No aside from the toilet blocking up the other problem with toilets is when there is a problem with the cistern. The cistern is the water tank on top of the toilet pan. Inside the cistern we have all the components that control flushing the toilet and refilling the cistern again.

We are experts at cistern repairs. We are able to diagnose very quickly if the problem is with the inlet valve, the outlet valve, the flushcone seals, the water connection to the cistern, the button assembly, the pneumatic components, the close coupled seals, the outlet valve washer, or even the inlet valve washer.

Basic cistern service is what we do every day. The standard cistern has an inlet valve and an outlet valve. Most cisterns are now dual flush. We carry most parts so we can actually repair your toilet without trips to a supplier, which saves you time and money. We also carry a large range of Close Couple seals to suit all brands. You’ll know if you need a new close couple seal, it’s an easy one to diagnose; when you flush the toilet water will leak between the base of the cistern where it sits on top of the pan. This is very common for a close coupled toilet suite over 10 years of age.

We have earned ourselves a reputation as Sydney’s go to plumbers for servicing all Pneumatic cisterns. We are experts at servicing Valsir, Oli, Geberit and Caroma Water Wafer and Invisi Mark I and Invisi Mark II – All models of Caroma water wafer. In fact, we seem to know the entire range of Caroma water wafer better than some staff at Caroma! We are able to obtain the Caroma spare parts to adapt older models to newer updated components. The Pneumatic cistern has inlet and outlet valves, but it has a third valve, the outlet bellows chamber. We can very easily diagnose a problem with a pneumatic cistern, which is good news for you, as the parts for them can be expensive. We are very lucky to have established a great network of spare parts suppliers for Pneumatic cisterns in Sydney, so if we aren’t carrying the parts, we will be able to get them same day.