Leaking Taps.

Need a tap repaired? Highlander Plumbing are your company. We are tap specialists. Taps, service, tap repair and even tap replacement, we are tap experts.

Because of our experience and product knowledge we can help you with tap issues and save you money.

We can quickly assess if a tap can be serviced or needs to be replaced. We can help with all taps; shower taps, basin taps, laundry taps, garden taps, bath taps and even the taps that control the water to the toilet, these can be the biggest offenders when it comes to leaking.

We are also specialists in kitchen taps.

Lets face it, the kitchen taps is the most used tap in the house. We can service and install kitchen taps. We always carry stock of kitchen mixer taps using reputable brands like Dorf and Grohe. We use and recommend these brands because of their superior warranties.

We firmly believe that when choosing a kitchen tap choose a good one with a great warranty. Because of our buying power we are able to supply and install great taps and very competitive prices.

Once we install a tap we are always on hand incase there is ever a warranty issue. The reason we recommend brands like Dorf and Grohe is because of their professional warranty after sales support.

We have had a lot of success stopping water hammer in houses through taps services. In our experience 99% of water hammer stems from taps that are overdue for a service. The other area we have stopped a lot of water hammer in houses is buy using ceramic style taps to isolate washing machines and dishwashers. Ceramic mini cocks can be used on toilet too, which stop a lot of dripping on the floor that old style toilet isolating taps are responsible for.

What ever you do, don’t try and buy a cheap kitchen tap with a limited warranty, it will cost you a lot more in the long run.

We are also specialists at servicing Ceramic Disc taps. We can service and provide spare parts for most brand quarter turn and half turn taps.

If you have taps in mind we can install them for you. We always reseat tap bodies so retro fitting taps starts from a fresh start. Sometimes a new set of chrome taps is all that is needed to make a bathroom look fresh.

We can also supply and install new spindle extenders for retro fitting new taps to make sure they will work properly.

We supply and install garden taps too. In our opinion its not worth servicing a garden tap, it works out cheaper to shut the water off and screw a new one on. These days there are many options for the humble garden tap from standard style taps to newer washerless ball valve style.

Did you know when the tap on your water meter leaks that Sydney Water can replace it for free? That’s right, if you need any help to arrange this just give us a call. Every house has to have a working isolating tap at the water meter incase you need to shut the water down in an emergency situation, or if you just need to turn the water off to repair taps.

In Strata situations, we can replace faulty isolating taps in blocks of units too. We often shut down large blocks of units to replace isolating taps. Just like houses, units need to have working isolating taps in an emergency as well as for basic service