Hot Water Systems

We are hot water specialists. We can supply and install new hot water heaters as well as diagnose, service and repair with your existing one. As well as all domestic hot water service well work on commercial heaters too. We are also licensed Thermostatic Mixing valves service providers.

For our domestic customers the main hot water heaters we deal with on a daily basis are the electric and gas units. Within each of these types of heaters they can be divided further into the tank and instantaneous styles.

Gas hot water heaters have earned themselves a reputation as being the most economical types of hot water heaters to run. Within gas water heaters we can divide them into gas storage tanks and gas instantaneous. The storage tanks come in indoor and outdoor variants. The indoor versions require a flue to take the burnt gas by products out of any enclosed spaces. The gas storage tanks provide a competitively priced method of providing hot water while still being economical to run. All of the major brands such as Rheem, Dux, Aquamax and Therman provide a great selection of indoor and outdoor tanks in various sizes. These brands will offer quick recovery variants of their heaters too. Heaters such as the Rheem Stellar have always been popular for their high energy efficiency and their ability to recovery quickly between heavy usage times.

Gas instantaneous heater have become very popular in the last twenty years. They have come along way since the early Hydro incarnations. Today the Rinnai Infinity range is enjoying a large market share, which Rheem are keen to get involved in with their Continuous flow series. Rheem have taken the fight right up to Rinnai with their 6 and new 7 star rated models. The benefits of instantaneous hot water systems are many; they never run out of hot water, they are small and take minimal space, they tend to last longer than a tank, they don’t have relief valves so there is a reduced maintenance expense and they are extremely energy efficient.

If we are at a property that has an existing gas storage tank that requires replacement we always recommend the instantaneous model highly. There are a few things that need to be noted when converting to an instantaneous hot water heater. The gas meter regulator will need to be upgraded to allow for a greater flow of gas for the heater to work optimally. The exact figure is the heater needs a minimum of 1 kpa of gas inlet pressure to work. When you take into account flow pressure, distance and pressure drop you need to understand gas when you install these heaters. It’s a very common job for us to have to upgrade a gas meter because the original installer didn’t do it. The instantaneous heater also needs an outdoor weather proof power socket installed next to the heater, this is to power the sensor in the heater that controls the firing of the main jets to heat up when a tap is turned on. We have a licensed Electrician that works with us that can provide a power point when needed.

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