Gas Leaks

If you get the faintest smell of natural gas at home call us immediately!

There is no such thing as a safe gas leak.

We make Gas leaks priority and will always provide a same day service in the event of a gas leak, even if we have to push other jobs back later.

We repair LP gas leaks too as well as natural gas.

Common gas leaks at home;

  • A gas smell in the kitchen cupboard.
  • A gas smell near the gas meter.
  • A gas smell near the water heater.
  • A gas smell near a bayonet point.

What they mean:

  • The regulator and ball cock for your gas cook top are in a cupboard below, there will be a leaking joint, a possible crack in the gas regulator, a leak on the ball valve, or sometimes – all of the above!
  • The main gas meter regulator may have become faulty and need replacement, one of the many threaded joints on the meter assembly maybe leaking.
  • There may be a leak on one of the joints to the gas inlet.
  • Very common when you remove a heater from a bayonet point that has been installed in the same place for years. The bayonet has always been in the open postion, so the spring loaded seal isn’t working properly to shut the gas off, time to install a new gas bayonet. This is important to not just plug a new heater in and hope for the best as gas may escape between the old bayonet and new hose connection.

We always stay on the side of caution with gas.

In fact, the only negative Google review we have had since the inception of Google reviews came from a gas leak job we attended.

There were multiple leaks in a kitchen cupboard on an old ball valve and regulator assembly. We quoted $450 to renew all of the components as we felt the existing ones were too old and they were leaking. The customer wanted a cheap quick fix, which we knew wouldn’t work. We would rather not have a bad review for our strong safety stance, but we will never endanger life so a customer can save a dollar using a short cut.