Gas Fitting

We are licensed Gas Fitters. We provide a complete Gas Fitting service to our Sydney customers. We can cover any Emergency Gas leak situation that you may have at home. Gas leaks at home may come in the form of; a bad smell of gas around your gas meter, a gas smell around your bayonet points, a gas smell in one of your kitchen cupboards, a gas smell out of your BBQ, a gas smell coming out of your gas cook top.

Our gas service is not just limited to emergency work. We can resolve gas pressure problems at your house. Did you know that 99% of the faults from Rinnai Infinity hot water units come from a problem with gas pressure?

We provide gas emergency service, gas general service work. We also provide a gas installation service. We are able to install new gas bayonets at your house that you can use for plug in space heaters. Did you know that plug in gas space heaters can heat a room for a fraction of the cost of using an electric bar heater. Be sure to get you bayonets installed in summer to avoid the winter rush!

We are licensed to install any form of Gas hot water system, whether it be an indoor gas hot water heater and all of the flue requirements, and outdoor gas hot water heaters, or any form of gas instantaneous hot water heater like a Rinnai Infinity.

Other gas services we can provide are: Gas meter regulator upgrades and repair of gas leaks in copper or old gal steel pipes. We can also move your gas meter in the event of it being in a position that isn’t practical.

We can also provide entire gas pipe renewals for houses that have the original gal steel gas service in place. This can be a very important job to do for safety reasons, as old gal steel gas services use threaded joints that can start to lose their seal. The other safety problem with old gal steel gas services is when they start to rust and develop holes in them; this can be a big problem when the pipe is under ground, which will cost you a fortune in lost gas.

All of our gas work is carried out under the guidelines of the Australian Gas Code. Gas is not a substance to play around with. We advise very strongly to never try to carry out any DIY repairs on your gas system. There are very specific materials and joining methods, which are very different to working with water, that must be carried out by a licensed gas fitter.

Our gas fitting license is for Natural Gas and LP gas. When most people think of LP gas they think of their BBQ. We can convert your LP gas BBQ to a natural gas one, so there’s no need to throw it out, we can convert it, commission it, test it, then you can cook with it!

We also provide an emergency gas service for Strata and Commercial clients.