Fixed Price Plumbing Guarantee

Fixed prices just means an old fashioned quote. Every single job we do is quoted before we take a single tool off our truck. We give written quotes and you approve whether or not we do the job. There’s no hidden charges, there’s no charges added after the job. We believe customers need to know where they stand about fees before work commences.

When we quote jobs we like to give options. The options maybe giving a comparison of a different brand Hot Water systems. It maybe an option to clear a blocked sewer as well as a long term option to renew the sewer. It maybe an option to service a tap or to replace a tap.

All of our pricing is done through standardized pricing manuals, so you can rest assured that prices were never made up. There is no different pricing schedule for various post codes either. Everyone has the same pricing, with the exception of our Service Agreement customers who enjoy significant discounts.

We have a motto of leaving the customer with as much information and quotes for various issues as possible. Even if you don’t necessarily do the jobs on the spot, at least you know what’s involved and the price, if you do it later. This happens a lot for us, people will call us to go ahead with a quote we gave months earlier.