It’s a tough choice. Anyone can present an image of professionalism on the internet, not many can actually walk the talk. If I was looking for a Plumber I’d want someone that was honest, experienced, a bit of a trustworthy guy you’d find from the country. Sounds a lot like Kevin O’Kane, the founder of Highlander Plumbing.

Why would you choose Highlander Plumbing over any other plumbing company in Sydney? Good question. Highlander Plumbing started in 1996. It was started as a small family run company by Kevin O’Kane. Since then it has stayed a small family run company. Kevin has trained countless apprentices over the years and they have all had to fit within the high standards required to be a part of the Highlander Plumbing team.

Our customers all come back and keep using us. They use us for the same reasons; we are honest, we quote all of our jobs before we start (even little ones), we are respectful of your home, we arrive when we say we will, we clean up our mess and we take pride in our work.

I guess you’ve heard all of that before. What really separates us from the competition is experience. Kevin O’Kane is the boss and he still works in the field. He sets the high standards for his staff. He’s been a Plumber since 1990. On the odd chance there is a problem with any of our work will prioritize making sure it is sorted out.

Experience is strength. There are too many big Plumbing companies in Sydney sending out inexperienced kids to do a man’s job. You should always demand an experienced plumber when booking a job at your house.